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2018 Week of Prayer Materials

Please Note: The following link includes all the materials needed to translate this year's week of prayer.  Included is the manuscript, images and graphics.  God bless!
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2017 PowerPoint Presentations

Please Note: The GC has not produced any PowerPoint presentations this year. Permission to use the images were not received in time. Please download them above on this page and use them in your own presentations. God bless!

Powerpoint Presentations 2016
 TitleCategorySize Clicks
Day 1-PPWOP 201610.57 MBDownload6989
Day 2-PPWOP 20161.28 MBDownload2719
Day 3-PPWOP 201610.17 MBDownload3170
Day 4-PPWOP 20169.09 MBDownload14478
Day 5-PPWOP 201623.87 MBDownload1866
Day 6-PPWOP 20169.17 MBDownload4523
Day 7-PPWOP 20169.88 MBDownload7562
Day 8-PPWOP 20168.26 MBDownload8710
Неделя молитвы (Russian)
 TitleDescriptionCategorySize Clicks
Week of Prayer Senior Youth (RUSSIAN)Молодежные молитвенные чтения 201820182.52 MBDownload402
Week of Prayer Senior Youth (Russian)Молодежные молитвенные чтения 20172017781.16 KBDownload689
Week of Prayer Junior Youth (Russian)Молитвенные чтения для подростков 201720171.45 MBDownload655