2020 WOP Booklet

  • This is the 2020 Youth and Young Adults Week of Prayer booklet for Junior and Senior Youth. This year’s topic, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, is addressed in a way that both the junior and senior youth groups can participate together. The daily sessions are a little more interactive than in the past. Please plan ahead to get the material needed for the suggested daily activities. (PDF)
Week of Prayer English
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2020 Youth and Young Adults Week of Prayer booklet w/ sermons and other material (PDF)20201.53 MBDownload10145
2020 Youth Young Adults Week of Prayer for translators (word doc)2020191.06 KBDownload5793
2020 Youth Young Adults Week of Prayer for translators (PDF)2020649.00 KBDownload6538
WOP Manuscript 2019 (FOR TRANSLATION) 2019 155.21 KBDownload11250
Week of Prayer 2019 (Afrikaans)20197.37 MBDownload1500
-->Youth Week of Prayer Sermons 2019<-- (Download This One)20194.55 MBDownload27678
Junior Youth Week of Prayer 20192019243.13 KBDownload10946
Week of Prayer 2019 (French)20191.46 MBDownload1277
Week of Prayer 2019 (Spanish)20196.89 MBDownload1208
eWeek of Prayer 2018 Flyer20181.56 MBDownload2210
Week of Prayer Manuscript 2018 (FOR TRANSLATION)2018243.50 KBDownload10383
SENIOR Week of Prayer 2018 20181.85 MBDownload14555
Junior Youth Week of Prayer 2018 20185.05 MBDownload5599
Junior Youth Week of Prayer 2018 Manuscript (FOR TRANSLATION)2018177.11 KBDownload8803
Week of Prayer Senior Youth (U.S. English)20174.76 MBDownload11421
Week of Prayer Senior Youth (U.k. English)20174.89 MBDownload6582
Senior WOP Poster 20172017198.99 KBDownload4573
Junior WOP Poster 2017 2017176.44 KBDownload3633
Week of Prayer Junior Youth20172.04 MBDownload6250
eWeek of Prayer 201720175.83 MBDownload4408
Week of Prayer Senior Youth20162.28 MBDownload4728
Week of Prayer Junior Youth20161.28 MBDownload2580
Week of Prayer Senior Youth20152.70 MBDownload2668
Week of Prayer Junior Youth20152.88 MBDownload2175
Week of Prayer Senior Youth20141.12 MBDownload2275
Week of Prayer Junior Youth20144.03 MBDownload1998
Week of Prayer Junior Youth2013202.00 KBDownload2211
Week of Prayer Senior Youth20132.69 MBDownload2502
Week of Prayer Junior Youth20122.20 MBDownload2188
Week of Prayer Senior Youth20122.32 MBDownload2803
Week of Prayer Junior Youth2011774.00 KBDownload2609
Week of Prayer Senior Youth20111.54 MBDownload2946

2017 PowerPoint Presentations

Please Note: The GC has not produced any PowerPoint presentations this year. Permission to use the images were not received in time. Please download them above on this page and use them in your own presentations. God bless!

Powerpoint Presentations 2016
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Day 1-PPWOP 201610.57 MBDownload13753
Day 2-PPWOP 20161.28 MBDownload4453
Day 3-PPWOP 201610.17 MBDownload6127
Day 4-PPWOP 20169.09 MBDownload24691
Day 5-PPWOP 201623.87 MBDownload2730
Day 6-PPWOP 20169.17 MBDownload8137
Day 7-PPWOP 20169.88 MBDownload16761
Day 8-PPWOP 20168.26 MBDownload14864
Неделя молитвы (Russian)
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Week of Prayer Senior Youth (RUSSIAN)Молодежные молитвенные чтения 201820182.52 MBDownload888
Week of Prayer Senior Youth (Russian)Молодежные молитвенные чтения 20172017781.16 KBDownload1054
Week of Prayer Junior Youth (Russian)Молитвенные чтения для подростков 201720171.45 MBDownload1028