Welcome to Global Youth Ministries

Here you will find General Conference themes, initiatives, and campaigns to assist in your strategic planning. We will let you know the movements we would like all our churches around the world to be a part of and you will find various ways to align your local youth with the global objectives of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. If you have any questions about these resources, please feel free to contact us.

The 2016-2020 Quinquennium Themes for Global Youth Ministry are as follows:

2016: Year of Refocusing
2017: Year of Reformation
2018: Year of Leadership
2019: Year of the Local Church
2020: Year of Reconciliation

For more information about these themes, please send us a message through the form on our Contact Us page.


#PassItOn and Local Church Focus

As of the 2016-2020 quinquennium, the Youth Ministries efforts across the Adventist Church in all fields have committed to passing on the baton of leadership and inter-generational efforts to make every one of our local churches a true home for youth. Please download, read, and share the documents below explaining the strategic direction we will be taking over the next five years.


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Pass It On Biblical Foundation1/31/201742.32 KBDownload2822
Pass It On Logo1/31/201776.51 KBDownload4832
Local Church Manifesto1/31/201759.75 KBDownload2544
Pass It On Baton Image1/31/2017214.97 KBDownload3388

iCOR Values for Local Church Youth Ministry

In view of official action taken at the General Conference Youth Advisory back at the beginning of March, our department has adopted the iCOR strategy for focusing on the local church as the primary target of global youth ministry. To follow through with this action, we will be providing tools for local churches in the form of videos, discussion booklets, and more in order to assist youth pastors and leaders in integrating the framework of values that iCOR represents. To learn more, watch the intro video below and head over to our YouTube page to view a video explaining each of the ten iCOR values. youtube.com/gcyouthministries

What is iCOR? from GC Youth Ministries on Vimeo. Click here to download the print-ready PDF iCOR Values Booklet.