– What? The need of the world


– Where? The space for impact


– How? Mentorship: A core value among Students/Young Adults. Through Mentorship we pass on honorable legacies. 


A weekend designed to inspire and empower Seventh-day Adventist students to be disciples of Jesus and share the everlasting gospel on and off public campuses, examine ways that can foster peace and remain relevant on campuses and in communities; to examine ways students can learn from those who have gone ahead and stretch a hand behind to help those who are coming after them. Global PCM Weekend, October 16-18 is about the next weekends that will follow. It is about remembering and showing communities that we need a God who cares today, tomorrow, and every weekend after. 


We hope that at the end of this Global PCM weekend, student questions will become a resolve: 

  1. “This is why I am on this campus and this is what I will do.” 
  2. “This is how I will help my community”
  3. “Yes, I matter, I will participate in the mentoring process.”


Weekly online discussions that address CAMPUS LIFE issues for Adventist Students on Public Campuses.




  • To promote vibrant Public Campus Ministry
  • To prepare students to deal with intellectual challenges that arise in a secular environment
  • To equip Chapter/Association/Fellowship Leaders
  • To provide for the needs of Students on Public Campuses
  • To equip students with necessary skills and competencies to navigate Campus life
  • To encourage students to “GO” by training them for outreach and witnessing on and off campus
  • To inspire Adventist students to increase their commitment to Christ
  • To motivate Adventist students to achieve excellence in all spheres
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