Adventurer Types of Uniform

Class "A" Uniform for the Adventurer boy and girl

GIRLS Navy blue pinafore or skirt, white blouse (shirt type blouse with short sleeves).
BOYS Navy blue pants, white shirt with short sleeves and regular collar.
BOYS/GIRLS Shoes: uniform within club; Navy blue or white socks: uniform within club.
SCARF Adventurer scarf is part of the uniform worn with an Adventurer slide.
AWARD SASH The sash is navy blue and part of uniform.

Class "A" Uniform for Adventurer Staff

LADIES Navy blue A-line (slim) skirt; White blouse (shirt type blouse with short sleeves)
MEN Navy blue pants, white shirt (with short sleeves and regular collar)
MEN/LADIES Shoes: uniform within club; belt: uniform within club; Navy blue tie (optional for
SCARF The Adventurer scarf is part of the uniform and worn with an Adventurer slide. Staff members who are Master Guides may wear their Master Guide scarves
SASH Sash is navy blue and worn at appropriate times. A Y honors are NOT to be worn on the Adventurer sash; only Adventurer awards are to be worn on sash.
EMBLEMS Adventurer Patch, place on right sleeve
Adventurer World, place on left sleeve
Club Crescent, place on right sleeve above Adventurer patch
Adventurer Awards, worn on the sash
Class Pins, worn on shirt or blouse pocket

Field Uniform (Type B)

Field uniform for the Adventurers and staff is a T-shirt and blue jeans. Each club may create its own design for field uniform T-shirts and sweatshirts. A few suggestions for designs on T-shirts are:

  • Adventurer logo
  • Local club logo
  • Adventurer and local club logo



The Adventurer World emblem is to be worn on left sleeve 1½” below the shoulder seam.


The Adventurer Club Name Crescent is to be worn ½” below the shoulder seam.

The Adventurer Club Emblem is to be worn 2½” down from the shoulder seam.


Adventurer awards and class pins, only. If you have earned any AY/Pathfinder Honors you are not to place them on your sash.


Your name tag is to be centered over the right pocket or its equivalent position on the sash or blouse.


Your staff rank stripe goes between the club name crescent and the Adventurer Club Emblem. Move the Adventurer Club Emblem down an extra inch.

You are to wear an Adventurer sash (not an AY/Pathfinder sash) even if you are a Master Guide.