Adventurer Curriculum

The Adventurer curriculum is divided into four levels.


Each level builds on the levels which came before it and is especially designed to interest, challenge, and provide successful experiences for children of that grade level.


Overview of the adventurer classwork


BASIC To ensure that the children have the background necessary to receive maximum benefit from the Adventurer program. Responsibility Commitment to the common goals of the group
Reinforcement Introduction and review of the Adventurer concepts through reading
MY GOD To facilitate the development of a growing and fruitful relationship between the child and Jesus Christ. His Plan to Save Me God’s love, sin and forgiveness, conversion, obedience
His Message To Me Memory verses, Bible books, using and trusting the Bible
His Power In My Life Prayer, Bible Study, witness, living for Christ
MY SELF To enhance the children’s care and appreciation for the individuals God created them to be. I Am Special Uniqueness and value of each person, responsibility for service, talents
I Can Make Wise Choices Feelings, values, decision-making, media
I Can Care For My Body Health, fitness, anatomy, temperance, sexuality
MY FAMILY To empower the children to be happy and productive members of the families God gave them. I Have a Family Uniqueness of families, family changes, roles and responsibilities
Families Care For Each Other Authority and respect, appreciation, family activities
My Family Helps Me Care For Myself Safety, stewardship, indoor skills, outdoor skills
MY WORLD To enable the children to encounter God’s world with confidence and compassion. The World Of Friends Social skills, courtesy, prejudice, peer pressure
The World Of Other People Serving the church, community, country, world
The World Of Nature God and nature, nature study, nature recreation, concern for the environment