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Adventist Youth Leader 2019 - Issue 01- “Pass it On” GYLC 2018
- “Pass it On not Dump it On”
- The Youth: A Formidable Force for Literature Ministry
201934.33 MBDownload1551
Adventist Youth Leader 2018-Mission as Seventh-day Adventists
-Winning with Young People
-Journey to Forgiveness
201821.71 MBDownload1750
Adventist Youth Leaders Magazine

Has replaced what was Accent magazine, below are the archives for Accent.

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Accent 2013 Q1Social Justice20133.20 MBDownload1373
Accent 2013 Q2Creativity20134.08 MBDownload1219
Accent 2012 Q1/2Discipleship20122.45 MBDownload937
Accent 2012 Q3Bible Study2012391.00 KBDownload370
Accent 2011 Q1Identity20112.18 MBDownload1098
Accent 2011 Q2/Q3Embracing Purity God's Way20112.21 MBDownload883
Accent 2011 Q4The Trinity20112.13 MBDownload763
Accent 2010 Q2Creation20101.89 MBDownload714
Accent 2010 Q1Leadership201021.11 MBDownload892
Accent 2010 Q4Communion & Footwashing20102.01 MBDownload723
Accent 2010 Q3Leadership & Reconciliation201010.46 MBDownload780
Accent 2009 Q4Remembering Christmas20092.53 MBDownload682
Accent 2009 Q3The Sabbath20092.72 MBDownload905
Accent 2009 Q1Ecology20091.71 MBDownload697
Accent 2009 Q2Sexuality20095.07 MBDownload930
Accent 2008 Q2Tattoos & Body Piercing20083.10 MBDownload902
Accent 2008 Q1Jesus - The Space Dispenser20082.93 MBDownload706
Accent 2008 Q4Relationships20082.53 MBDownload1142
Accent 2008 Q3The Sanctuary20081.45 MBDownload835
Accent 2007 Q1Webnet20075.66 MBDownload676
Accent 2007 Q2Centennial Celebration20076.70 MBDownload619
Accent 2007 Q3Helping Hurting Youth20077.30 MBDownload883
Accent 2006 Q1Reclaiming Our Youth20062.36 MBDownload944
Accent 2006 Q3Relaunch Your Youth Ministry20064.51 MBDownload890
Accent 2006 Q4Leadership20062.98 MBDownload884