To Equip, Empower, Engage a Generation of Spirit-Filled Leaders to pass on the Legacy of Reformation. Impact Europe will be our next Global Youth Leaders Congress which will convene in Kassel, Germany July 31-August 4, 2018.

The responsibility of appointing delegates for this global event is that of the local division's youth ministries department. All divisions, unions, conferences, churches, and educational institutions are urged to mobilize their youth leaders for this life-changing event.


GYLC Workshop Presentations

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English Schedule

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Destination is Train Station:
Kassel Wilhemshoehe

Final Destination:
Kongress Palais Kassel


Please download the daily workshop schedule scroll below.



Bitte senden Sie Ihren Akkreditierungsantrag umgehend/Please send your request for accreditation A.S.A.P. via Fax +49.511.97177 oder/or via E-Mail an: [email protected]



  • Name: Impact Europe – Global Youth Leaders Congress #GYLC18 
  • Date: July 31 – Aug 4, 2018 
  • Location: Kassel, Germany 
  • Focus: Youth Leaders 
  • Theme: PASS IT ON, Equip, Engage, Empower

Download the interactive event app for your phones

  1. Download and install it on your phone https://attendify.com/app/4p6a4s/
  2. Create your profile by using your email address (connect to one of the social networks)
  3. Search for the event “Global Youth Leaders Congress”
  4. Click and Join
  5. Enjoy the social app features and browse the event

If you are attending the GYLC please take a minute to to fill out a brief survey to help us understand what it means to be a Youth Leader and what is the “Lived Experience of Youth Ministry”.   Take Survey

40+ dynamic workshops planned for GYLC 2018

Featured Events
  • 31Jul

    Registration at different accommodation sites 6:30am - 7:30pm.

  • 02Aug
    International Fair 

    International fair - health fair - community projects optional free time for delegates

  • 04Aug
    iSERVE Sabbath Morning Program

    Ted Wilson (Serving: “The church is organized for service.“ Ellen G. White, ED, 268.6 Also AA14.2).

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Booth registration form for GYLC

For accountability purposes all booth registration must be done through the division office.
Booth Registration Form

Registration Instructions

We have created a video on how to complete the Impact Europe participant registration.
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Apology Letter

It was suggested that the GC Youth Department publish an apology regarding the change of focus for the GYLC 2018. Many of you were receiving some heartbreaking inquiries from young people who are just finding out they cannot come and that this is for youth leaders only. The following is that apology. Please download and use it as is necessary. If you do any major edits though please contact me first since my name is attached. 
--Gary Blanchard

Download Apology Letter 

What's in the Cost
$295 USD
GYLC 2018


  • Event Access
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Workshops
  • International Fair
Featured Speakers

Ty Gibson

Ty is Co-director of Light Bearers and pastor of Storyline Adventist Church in Eugene, Oregon. A passionate communicator with a message that opens minds and moves hearts, Ty teaches on a variety of topics, emphasizing God’s unfailing love as the central theme of the Bible. His most recent work includes the digma.com video project and the Truth Link Bible study series and web-course at truthlink.org. He has authored eight best-selling books, including, A God Named Desire, which paints a compelling picture of God’s character. Ty and his wife Sue have three adult children and two grandsons..

David Asscherick

David is a Light Bearers speaker, pastor of the Kingscliff SDA Church in Australia and co-founder of ARISE. With a gifted clarity that wins both heart and mind, he has spent the last 15 years traveling the globe preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. His first book, God In Pain, offers penetrating insights to the nature and existence of evil and suffering in the light of the Cross. He and his wife Violeta are the happy parents of two boys, Landon and Jabel. They enjoy backpacking, climbing, running, fly fishing, and reading.

Dr. Baraka G Muganda

Dr. Muganda is currently serving as Vice President for Ministry at Washington Adventist University. A veteran in Seventh Day Adventist Youth Ministry. He served for 15 years as World Youth Director for the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Has also worked at all levels of the church with a total of four decades in Youth Leadership. Baraka is a popular world youth speaker at conferences and pathfinder events.


"You hold our hearts in your hand right now, believe us. We know that it may look like a book, but this is no ordinary book. It is a labor of love and a treasure trove of biblical truth and beauty. Our blood, sweat, and tears of joy are in these sermons. We're asking you to hold these sermons, this work of heart, close to your own heart.

"Why should you?

"Not just because they are dear to us, but far more important, because they hold the very truths that are dearest to the heart of God Himself! These 12 sermons are about the One, Jesus Christ. Like all good sermons, these seek to lift Him higher and higher in the minds and hearts of the readers and hearers.

"Now get out there and have fun, because honestly, and believe us on this, there is nothing more enjoyable, fulfilling, challenging, and just plain awesome than telling people about Jesus Christ.

"Get up there, where 'there' is . . . get up in front and . . . preach your guts out!"

--David Asscherick and Ty Gibson


What you need to know


Kongress Palais Kassel Stadthalle

Holger-Börner-Platz 1, 34119 Kassel, Germany


Frankfurt Airport

60547 Frankfurt, Germany


Penta Hotel Kassel

Wyndham Garden Kassel 

Download Accommodation Chart for a list of other hotels.

Accommodations Chart


Lunch and dinner will be provided for registered participants.  Breakfast is not provided. Visit Yelp for a list of nearby restaurants.


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