Baptism of the Holy Spirit A 10 Day Devotional Study

By Dennis Smith

This devotional has ten chapters followed by personal reflection and discussion questions, and a prayer focus for that day. In order to get the greatest benefit from this devotional as a church I recommend that your church come together every night for 10 nights to sing, study, pray and share together using this devotional book.

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By Troy Fitzgerald

Calling stirs your desire to aim high and to live passionately for a cause worthy of your whole heart, soul, and strength. As you pursue and practice what God has called you to do, you will sense an unmistakable peace and confidence that your steps are going in the right direction. You will experiance how the ordinary day today builds the extraordinary life. It's time to get clear about God's calling for your future.

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It's My Choice

By Steve Case

Age-appropriate Baptismal Study Guides for Juniors! These are not revamped "adult" studies, but lessons created specifically for the concrete thinking of 10- to 12-year-olds––the most common age of baptism in the Adventist Church.Contains three work sheets for each study, plus simplified baptismal vows.

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Steps to Personal Revival

By Helmut Haubeil

What did Jesus teach about the Holy Spirit? Are you acquainted with Jesus’ most powerful message? WHAT IS THE CENTER OF OUR PROBLEMS? Is there a spiritual cause to our problems? Is the cause a lack of the Holy Spirit? This in-depth exploration sheds light on the root of our problems and illustrates how they can be remedied with God’s help. It shows how we can pray for the Holy Spirit so that we have the assurance that we have received Him.

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A Guide to Discovering Your Spiritual Gift

By Terrence Griffiths

This revised edition of A Guide to Discovering YOUR Spiritual Gift was completed to help you discover your spiritual gifts and use them in Kingdom-building. It is hoped that this dynamic experience will increase your knowledge concerning the Biblical teaching of spiritual gifts and motivate you to confront your role and place in ministry, as well as gain a better perspective of the overall church ministry and live a Christian life with new found joy in service for Jesus.

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"PASS IT ON" is our motto for the Youth Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church! But what is it that we want to pass on to the younger generation? There are three essential values we encourage youth leaders around the world to instill in the hearts of their young people. Identity in Christ, Mission as Seventh-day Adventists and Leadership in the local Church.

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