Programming Fundamentals

The 7 Foundations of the Ambassador Programming are:

  1. Leadership development. Curricula such as the Master Guide, AY Leadership, Small Group Leadership and other age appropriate and well established schemes can be considered.
  2. Community outreach development through service and emergency preparedness training.
  3. A Christ-centered discipleship plan.
  4. A personal and small group based mission lifestyle.
  5. Lifestyle vocational/career development through specialized multi-vocational training and advanced honor level.
  6. Friendship and relationship skill development.
  7. Character and personality development/awareness through outdoor/high adventure programming.
Our Theme


"PASS IT ON" is our motto for the Youth Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church! But what is it that we want to pass on to the younger generation? There are three essential values we encourage youth leaders around the world to instill in the hearts of their young people. Identity in Christ, Mission as Seventh-day Adventists and Leadership in the local Church.

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