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    IMPACT is a youth and young adult event that takes place during GC Session. It is designed to help Adventist Young people…

     Get connected with their global church and its functionality.
     Build relationships with other youth from around the world.
     Receive practical training in global youth initiatives.
     Be inspired by our unique mission and message.
     Get opportunities to serve the local community in Christ’s name.

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    Impact San Antonio

    Impact San Antonio was a window of opportunity for the global Seventh-day Adventist young adult community (18 years or older) to bring hope to the city. Organized in conjunction with the General Conference Session, iSA is an initiative of the GC Youth Department, hosted by the NAD Youth Department.

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IMPACT is a youth and young adult event that takes place during GC Session. It is designed to help Adventist Young people…

Serve the community

Get opportunities to serve the local community in Christ’s name.

Build Relationships

Get connected with their global church and its functionality and build relationships with other youth from around the world.


Receive practical training in global youth initiatives.


Be inspired by our unique mission and message.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the down low on what to expect, we will add more info as it becomes available.

June 25-July 4
Friday Night June 26 (Worship and Orientation)

It is called IMPACT because…

  1. The youth attending will be positively IMPACTED by being with their world church.
  2. The youth attending will make a practical IMPACT for Jesus in the local community.
  3. The Youth attending will be challenged to return to their local communities inspired and equipped to make an IMPACT for Jesus.
Every Young person (18-30) who has a desire to participate in all the outreach, workshops and worship programs and wants to make a real IMPACT for Jesus not only in Indianapolis but wherever they are from around the world!
The following are the workshop provided for registered attendees a brief description of each. Workshops are one hour each for five days (Sunday-Thursday). Attendance is taken for those who wish to receive a certificate. A Schedule will be provided via our website 5-2 weeks before the classes begin. A description of the classes is below.

Please note that we reserve the right to modify the schedule of classes.


  1. ONE YEAR IN MISSION (OYiM)—Why reach the cities of the world? Because Seventh-day Adventists have been given a special message and many who need to hear it live in the cities.  In this workshop you will learn about One Year in Mission and how you can be a part of a ministry team that magnifies Jesus and makes an IMPACT in the cities of the world.
  2. INTERGENERATIONAL CHURCHES OF REFUGE (iCOR)—Why are some churches such wonderful places for young people to grow and others not so much? Learn how to turn your church into a magnet for youth and young adults and a safer place for them to grow spiritually and make an IMPACT for Jesus!
  3. CLUB MINISTRY 101---Learn the basics of club ministry (history and mission). Learn how to start a club in your church as well as innovative ways to grow or even recharge your Adventurer, Pathfinder of even Master Guide ministry. Also, learn how clubs around the world are making real and lasting IMPACT for Jesus in their local communities.
  4. SENIOR YOUTH LEADERSHIP 101 (SYL)---Want to minister with IMPACT to the youth and young adults in your church and community but don’t know how or just want to do it better? This class will help you become an effective youth and young adult leader and help you get access to the best Adventist resources to help you!
  5. PUBLIC CAMPUS MINISTRY 101 (PCM)—Do you go to a Public University or live near one and want to make an IMPACT for Jesus? This workshop will show you how to start a campus ministry program, grow one you already have and lead the future leaders of the world to Christ and His Kingdom!
  6. YOUTH ALIVE (YA)—Want to be a leader that reflects the benefits of a healthy lifestyle? Want to be able to engage other youth on how to stay away from addictions, broken relationships, violence and to experience a full life with purpose? If you want to IMPACT lives now and for eternity this course is for you. It will give you a basic understanding of health principals and some simple steps you can follow to think clearer, live longer, happier and yes even look better!   #Daniel
  7. CREATIVE YOUTH EVANGELISM---What if there are new methods to share the message of Jesus and what if there are fresh ways of doing “old school” evangelism even more effectively? In this workshop you will learn that indeed there are innovative and powerful methods to make an IMPACT for Jesus through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and our “Total Youth Involvement” 100K Initiative!
Sunday through Thursday (1-4 p.m.) youth and young adults will have an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their community! They will be bused to various community service and witness projects throughout the city. #Bethesermon
Basic EARLY BIRD registration for IMPACT (without housing) is $200 per person for the duration of the GC Session. This price includes event access pass, all training materials, ARM (Adventist Risk Management) short term insurance and some event SWAG (Stuff We All Get). This price is subject to change after January 1, 2020. Limited housing has been secured. Please contact your Division Youth Ministries Department to see their plans for housing. At this point housing will only be made available through your division youth ministries office.

7:00-8:00            *Breakfast
9:00-10:00          IMPACT Worship
10:00-12:00        IMPACT Workshops
12:00-2:00          Lunch

2:00-5:00            IMPACT community
5:00-7:00            Supper
7:00-9:00            **Lucas Oil Stadium Worship
9:00-10:00          ***IMPACT Social

*Breakfast is only provided for those who registered for housing
**This is a worship program for the entire church in the main auditorium.
***Be sure to check our app regularly to find out where IMPACT socials will be happening

Friday is your day off and an opportunity to prepare for the Sabbath. There will be a special Youth/Young Adult evening worship and fellowship time from 9-11 p.m.

7:00-8:00           Breakfast
8:45-10:30         Sabbath School
10:30-12:30      Divine Service (Lucas Oil Stadium)
12:30-2:00         Lunch

2:00-5:00      IMPACT event (1st Sabbath)
Youth Parade (2nd Sabbath)
5:00-7:00      Supper
7:00-9:00      **Lucas Oil Stadium Worship
9:00-10:00    IMPACT Social

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